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Poznan University of Medical Sciences

in Poznań



Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) was established in 1919 is amongst the largest medical universities in Europe with 100 years of academic experience and with great potential for development.

PUMS has nearly 10,000 students of which 1000 are enrolled in English Language Programs. English-language programs were introduced over 20 years back and offer Postgraduation level programs in Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Science and Physiotherapy under its 3 faculties. PUMS is a major educational and research centre and provides clinical teaching in its six partner hospitals. PUMS works worldwide with foreign institutions and universities in terms of joint research, joint participation in international programs and research projects as well as in joint publications and scientific conferences, exchange of students and teachers.


Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The six-year M.D. Program is based on the Polish curriculum and designed for international candidates who have graduated from high school, and who have obtained good grades in: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. This program is fully recognized by the Medical Board of California. It is divided into two parts as described below.

Part I takes up the three preclinical years and is devoted primarily to the following subjects: Anatomy, Medical Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Histology and Embryology, Physiology. During that time the clinical aspects of these subjects are gradually introduced as well.

Part II starts in the fourth year and takes up the remaining three years of the course: two years of clinical knowledge and training and one year dedicated to elective clinical practice. Upon completing all of the theoretical and clinical subjects and after passing all of the required examinations, students are awarded the degree of Medical Doctor — M.D.

Candidates for this program may be accepted after demonstrating a necessary record of academic achievement and after passing an interview with PUMS Admissions Committee.